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Can Headphones Damage Your Health?

Are headphones bad for us?

Of all the headphones that are on offer, which of them

physically damages hearing? Or is it down to the individual

to monitor their own safety?

Well, some companies have offered a safe alternative - but

some have been discontinued due to poor sales.

Some companies produced equipment which limited volume

automatically or warned the user when the sound was set too


The public rejected the idea with the response that it was

up to the user how loud their music should be. That line of

equipment was quickly discontinued.

Today, some companies have introduced systems whereby

volumes on different tracks are corrected to the same


Others provide a system for the user to manipulate their

own preferred settings and gives better control than the

auto-corrected version.

Some governments have jumped on the bandwagon in recent

years and have imposed limits on the levels of sound

personal equipment can emit.

Of course, many have said that this is infringing on the

freedom of users and use other software to remove the


These governments have used the arguments that not only

does the hearing damage caused bring a financial burden on

the economy - future hearing loss medical interventions -

but also the burden of accident victims who have caused, or

been involved in accidents, due to the inability to hear

the surroundings when immersed in their personal music


Of course it will always be up to the individual on how

loud he/she wants their music to be. Perhaps the answer

lies in education.

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