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Google+ has left the building

Google's social media platform Google Plus has shutdown.

From June 28, 2011 to today, April 2, 2019, Google Plus came, attempted to compete with it's rivals and finally through in the towel. After years of trying, the battle was lost, and the decision to shut down in March of 2019, dragged until the beginning of the following month.

It isn't easy going against the kings of social media: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Throughout the years several have come, gone, and some remain hidden, waiting to make a comeback. Myspace still remains somewhere in the woods, building an army and waiting to attack. Tumblr isn't spoken of much but is still big within the blogger community. While Linkedin isn't considered an entertainment platform, it is the biggest amongst professionals looking to connect. Vine was vaporized after being bought off by Twitter (which is the biggest platform for celebrities, artists, and politicians to communicate with the world). The world of photography and images is dominated by Instagram, which was bought off by Facebook, which remains the biggest platform for staying in touch with new and old friends.

Google's YouTube will always be the king of online video, easily destroying it's second place competitor Vimeo, but for some reason Googles' Google+ wasn't able to capture a following in any niche. The assumption amongst web designers and developers was that Google Plus would be great for search engine optimization (SEO) since it's a Google Platform, and the goal of all businesses is for their site to rank high on Google. Unfortunately, while it did help with SEO when used correctly, the lack of users wasn't worth it for Google to maintain. And, in early February of 2019, Google began giving warning to all their users that the end was near.

We at We Review Electronics would like to say, that we were fans of Google+, and that it will be missed. Goodbye Google Plus. Till we meet again. 😔

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