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Apple has released the iOS12.3 Beta 1

Apple"s beta iOS12.3 Beta 1 has a few new fun and exciting features.

Apple’s original iPhone was a very popular and fast-selling phone, it had virtual keyboard display and predictive word capability integrated into the keyboard which was cutting edge for consumers. The sleek design and high quality applications far exceeded the technology at the time.  The downsides were lengthy contracts and inability to edit Microsoft Word or Excel files.

Since the iPhone's inception in 2007, the technology has markedly improved, however the eye catching look still attracts consumers worldwide of all ages, and the features of it’s operating system (iOS) has remained user friendly, making the iPhone the most popular and most bought phone by far.

Apple has just released iOS12.3 Beta 1 software upgrade, which has an impressive list of upgrades, such as improved face-timing features for up to 32 people, more intelligent search suggestions, enhanced tracking prevention, the addition of the new Apple TV Remote app, a new “For you” and a “New and Noteworthy: section on the Watch Now page, slightly tweaked search page, increased app launch time, a more responsive keyboard, the removal of Sports and Store tabs and much more.

Click the video link below to see some of the new iOS12.3 beta features.

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