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Size Really Does Matter

In this age of the slim-line, digital televisions many

consumers forget one important factor until it is too

late. That is the size of the room that this superb

new innovation is going to sit in.

It is too easy, when confronted by an array of sets,

to go for the biggest and best but caution is needed

here. Don't forget that most screens are displayed in

huge, high ceilinged stores where they actually look

smaller than they actually are.

You are more likely to be standing back from the

screen without checking your normal viewing distance

which will add to the desire to get the biggest one!

Before going to the store, check out the room this new

purchase is going to live in. Do you want it to be

wall or ceiling mounted or will you use the

free-standing equipment that is normally supplied with

each set?

Then measure the viewing distance from your favorite

chairs. Also measure wall space and suitability (if

you have hollow walls this may cause a problem).

Finally, choose the best you can afford. Although

these screens are coming down in price it will be some

time before they reach the levels that we are used to

with "normal" TVs.

There is no point in trying to get the best bargain by

buying some unknown brand only to find that the

problems start almost immediately. There are many

cheaper imports out there which do not have the

technology or quality to withstand normal use.

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