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Square, the Flexible but Expensive App.

The Square

The Square up app is very convenient, you can swipe on the go, send invoices so that your client can pay from wherever they are and can set up auto-pay if they wish, you can always be setup as a register in your store. It is the easiest way to accept debit and credit cards for your business. The problem is the cost.

Square's transactions have a fixed rate. At 2.75% of the cost of what the customer is purchasing, most established businesses would think twice before using them. Although they may not be as convenient, you can always find merchants with a much lower rate.

Square was created by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter. It is a reputable company backed by a reputable SEO, with many loyal users. If the cost doesn't bother you, then maybe Square is you and your business.

We recommend you try the Square today.

Click the video link below to watch the Square's introduction video.

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