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The DIONE Smartsound Surround Sound has arrived for the Holidays

A review of the DIONE Smart Sound Surround Sound.

10/10 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price $1,999

An image of the DIONE Smart Sound Surround Sound

The DIONE Smart Sound Surround Sound is here to dominate the competition. This power piece of home entertainment is by far one the best ever made, if not the best!

Nothing says home theater like this bad boy! This just might be the closest thing possible to bringing a movie theater to your living room.

Take a look at the specs below:

DIONE Smart Sound Surround Sound Specs:


High powered Smart System w/ wireless sub & rear speaker optional

Total System Power 2600 watts, creates a fuller soundstage experience Streaming sound delivers 9.1, 7.2, & 5.1 sound with DT2:X

Smart Home Ready to complement all TVs, Laptops, TouchScreens SmartReady+ receives High-Res Audio signal via Internet RoomFit syncs to your room size adding clarity and immersion Devices w/ A.I., voice control option with all formats and systems


12 built-in drivers driven try a lonAmp compatibllity

Dedicated center channel for clear dialogue

Side-firing corner-firing drivers for wide soundstage

Adaptive Sound keeps voices clear, even at low volumes Active Voice Amp (AVA) singles out dialogue for clarity Game Pro Mode adjusts audio settings to improve directionality Dual-band w/ wireless music streaming ampfication ability Connect music streaming with all streaming applications


Massive woofer can be driven by up to 1200-watt amplifier

Bass-reflex (ported) enclosure

Can connect wirelessly to sound for easy placement

Compact surround speakers with front, side, & up-firing drivers

Deliver immersive wrap-around and overhead effects each speaker Wireless Ready w/sync equip (purchased sep.)


HD input & HD output functional w/ reciever/amp

Supports enhanced Audio RS Channel (ARK)

4K to 8K video passthrough with support for HZR20+

Optical digital audio input functionality option

Wall mount kit optional

One Remote function controls system w/TV's remote warranty: 10 years with original packaging and receipt

The 2023 holiday gift choice has been made easy for you. The DIONE Smart Sound Surround Sound is here and can be yours. Get yours now!

Please let us know what your experience was like with the DIONE Smart Sound Surround Sound.

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