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The New Apple Watch is a Lifesaver

The New Apple Watch can give you an EKG reading.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is here to save our lives. Some paramedics have difficulty reading and irregular rhythms on their monitors when checking a patient's EKGs, but your Apple Watch can now do it for you. As technology advances, our everyday electronics may be way one day save our lives. We are already living much longer lives than any other time in history and will be living much longer.

The New Apple Watch has a Fall Detection feature that can detect if you have fallen and through it's Emergency SOS system places an emergency call automatically after one minute without it feeling a response from the user.

Other possible lifesaving features are its Dexcom G6 Mobile, that keeps track of your type 1 or type 2

diabetes glucose levels. The Clue - Period Tracker keeps track of your menstrual cycles. Lifesum helps you keep track of your water and calorie intake. And one of my favorites, the Breathe app, guides you through a series of breathing techniques that calm and relax you.

According to Apple, "The right apps can play an important role in reminding you to keep up with healthy routines. Whether you want to drink more water, improve your sleep, or better manage a condition like diabetes, there’s an app designed to help you prioritize your goal." It's very hard to argue with that, now it has to be seen in action.

The Apple Watch Series 4 sells from $399 - $1499. It won't take long before customer reviews start pouring in about whether it's life saving app are a scam or are the real deal.

Click the video link below to watch Apple Watch Series' 4 Teaser

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